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Would you like piano lessons online follow? Have you always dreamed of popular songs you hear yourself on the radio to be able to play? Then you’ve come to the right website!

Piano Lessons Online-Learn To Play The Piano

The goal of is to give you more info about online learn to play piano, how to make the best start, what are the benefits and more. Playing the piano is very nice. But the road to it can sometimes be tricky. Especially if your classes in a music school. Then it takes years before you: what beautiful songs can play CV Dominios 2019 Best Online Piano Lessons.

How Did I Learn To Play The Piano?

That’s what I did: 8 years piano lessons followed in the music school. In this way, the 5 years before I could play some beautiful songs. Only after 7 years I could the more difficult pieces by composers such as Mozart and Bach. That got me thinking. There is no better way to learn piano? A faster and nicer way?


There is indeed an alternative to regular classes in a music school. Learn to play the piano using chords.There are several piano lessons online, but the one that offers the best package for me, is PianoPro.

PianoPro teaches you in a fun way and complete at your own pace to play piano on the basis of online teaching materials. This is what you should expect:

  • Instructional videos
  • E-books with exercises
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Songs
  • And much more …

In addition you also get personal email guidance of Steven Pan, your online piano teacher and also inventor of the largest piano lessons online from Belgium and Netherlands.

How Is PianoPro?

If you take a look on the website of PianoPro, you can see a nice movie in which Steven Pan presents itself and some more explanation about how PianoPro works.

I’ll just summarize what is said in this video as. Because there is a lot of info.

Steven Pan – Who Is He?

Steven Pan itself is all young started to play the piano. He also has piano lessons followed in a music school.After he was stopped, he has developed a method to compose songs to be able to reenact. Steven has improved this and when he hears a song on the radio now, he is able to play this song all within a few minutes after.

What Is His Secret?

Agreements. That’s his secret, and that is also when his Program is based. That is, learn to play the piano using chords.

Why Chords?

There are actually two ways to learn piano playing. On the other hand sheet music, so these are notes that you learn read on a score. So you go than practice and eventually songs can play. This requires a lot of practice and perseverance. For example, I have 8 years piano lessons followed in a music school. To start have you had three years to be able to play simple songs.Then increased the level year after year. This method is very valuable, but also very time and money consuming!

On the other hand, there are agreements. Once you know, you can almost 14 agreements play all the songs that you hear on the radio! You notice immediately that this is much more accessible than the following in a music school or piano lessons with a private teacher. Using chords you can achieve remarkable results after only a few months. This of course is not only fun, but also very motivating to continue. And that, of course, is the intention.

How Is The Course Structured?

The PianoPro Program consists largely of reenact videos. These are videos in which Steven explains everything step by step, agreement for approval.

These are all very popular songs, divided into different genres. That this program is right for everyone is shown by the fact that there are videos for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

When Steven’s motivation?

It’s Steven’s intention to play the piano much more accessible for everyone. He does this by a low price to handle compared to a music school (around the €1000 in Belgium, even more in Netherlands) or following private lessons (easy to €50 per hour).

He also wants the exercise more enjoyable. Thanks to the online course material that you can view at any time, you can exercise whenever you feel like it. Not because you have to go to a piano lesson. You will thus more motivated to exercise, more practice and, therefore, to make further progress.

Online Piano Teacher

You know not what to do or you know something’s not right? No problem. Steven Pan is your online piano teacher. You can contact him at any time via email.

What Do You Get?

You can opt for a one time investment, you get a metronome gift. There is also a possibility to pay monthly.You have the ability to stop your subscription at any time. You decide to do, then is automatically stopped after 1 year your subscription fee and keep your life long retain access to all of the course material including all updates and support by Steven!

You can try for one month 1,-euro! Just so you know sure if this program is for you. There are no further obligations.

So don’t wait any longer. Click on the image below and discover how much fun it is to play that one song that you yourself all day with it sings.


You can try for one month 1,-euro! Just so you know sure if this program is for you. There are no further obligations.

More than 20 000 Students Registered already In

This course is very popular. Even so popular that it is the number 1 piano lessons online is of Belgium and Netherlands.

More than 20 000 students registered and also well-known persons such as diet guru and international DJ and music producer Ricky Rivaro learned to play the piano online with the PianoPro program.


Why PianoPro?

Piano lessons online with the PianoPro course is a good idea, because it just really well put together and very clear to follow is for everyone. Learn to play the piano need doesn’t have to be hard, that is the philosophy with which Steven Pan this program has made.

The program provides clear e-books and instructional videos. You learn very much, and that all in your own pace, 24/7 with lifetime access for you and your entire family.

Thanks to agreements you will learn quick and easy your first songs play. Thanks to only 14 chords you can almost play all the songs that you hear on the radio!

Even though nuts can read is not the most important aspect where PianoPro is based, it is also a part of the program. Because if your nuts can read you will learn even more songs can play on the piano.

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

If you order, you get 57% off on this piano lessons online!

+ Bonus 1: you only pay for 1 year, but then you keep lifelong access including free updates and contact with your online piano teacher.

+ Bonus 2: free metronome (at one time investment)

Start Today!

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To get a better idea on how a lesson by PianoPro looks like, you may request a free e-book by clicking here.This e-book is in “Lesson 1: the Start” of the Starters course. The accompanying video you can see here .

I wish you lots of success and fun with learn piano online!