2019 Piano Lessons at Their Best

Tutoring private Lessons in 30 minutes are standard at the Rock School (for students who are 13 years and younger), which means that you get all the attention yourself and that the lessons are fully tailored to you, your tempo and your goals. Private online piano lessons is unbeatable when it comes to your individual development as an instrumentalist.

Individually customized start online piano lessons
We apply continuous admission and flexible start dates-This means that you can start at any time in the autumn and spring. During the summer months we will pause your lessons and continue to the autumn.

times when you have opted in, you will be contacted by our booking department to book a fixed fee, sometime between Monday and Friday 16.00-21.00.

Flex add-ons the regular class times at the Rock School are once a week at a fixed time. If you do not get to the lessons, you will normally only receive a few occasions. If you want full freedom and be able to deviate from your time or postpone lessons from week to week, you can select the Flex extension. Perfect for those with irregular times and a “Rock N roll Lifestyle”.

Instruments you need to have an instrument to practice, even if you can often borrow instruments during the lesson.

Monthly payment
You can split the payment up to 12 months interest-free-select paypal at checkout..

Continuation discount
If you are satisfied with your lessons and decide to continue at the Rock School, you will receive a 15% discount on the next 30 lesson packages.


First Album

Artist One

Pop Rock

Album Two

Second Artist

Hip Hop

Third Album

Artist Three


Album Four

Fourth Artist



We are passionate about everything music. We love seeing people practice until they are as non perfect as they love. None of us are ever perfect in anything let alone music and the piano.
We truly hope you find our free and paid piano related lessons helpful.


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