Online classical learning for Piano

If classical piano is ideal, perhaps the best piano lessons online for learning classical music come from The ArtistWorks’ Christie Peery Piano program. With a few hundred lessons for all abilities, from beginner to advanced, the site is part of the ArtistWorks Video Exchange platform, which means that in addition to accessing the Video Exchange Library file, you can also upload videos and review them yourself Christie, a renowned pianist and concert teacher who sends feedback on her performance.

These interactions are shared with other ArtistWorks users (and, of course, you can see them); therefore, a custom hint library is always created

Subscription packages are available for 3, 6 or 12 months and the price decreases as the signed price decreases. For example, three months cost $35 per month and fall to $23 per month for a 12-month subscription. In addition to the keyboard, you need to provide access to a metronome and a video recorder (you can only use a smartphone to do this) to be able to record and submit your own exercises for review.

The trail to ArtistWorks MO is its title – it’s a teaching site that brings the beliefs of those responsible to the fore. The piano is just one of the many tools you can learn online and, just like classical piano, jazz and pop lessons, are available. So if you like the idea of individual learning, you can sign up for a free lesson to test the water.

5. Piano Shape
The chord-centric piano learning option is great if you want to compose and improvise

Price: download $79 or download $89 plus DVD (single payment) System requirements: A tool that contains PDFs with PDFs embedded in video and audio Free option: Not COMPATIBLE WITH MIDI: No.

Single payout, unique string-based learning helps you improvise and composeThere are no interactive elementsIt’s not so good if you want to learn traditionally
Pianoforall is an online video-based piano teaching site that is easily different from the rest, not only by the one-time payment of $79 for lifetime access to all content (plus free future updates), but was designed to teach the game to your ears, improvise and compose rather than a traditional route.

There is a strong emphasis on the shapes of chords and how to use them to play popular songs quickly, so if you’ve ever had difficulties with traditional piano lessons, Pianoforall can end up being Pianoforyou!

6th Marvel Piano
Online piano lessons based on application in small pieces

Price: $15.99/month, $110.99/year System requirements: PC, Mac, iPad | Free option: Midi Compatible Sim: Yes

Classes are divided into manageable little pieces, without live chat or classroom classroom support
Marvel Piano, which includes lots of video content and an online app, is designed to be used with a MIDI keyboard, so you can get instant feedback on your progress. The library adapts to popular music, more than 1,500 people can choose from a wide variety of genres, and lesson plans for games include thousands of exercises for work.

The game is ranked as you walk and you can earn trophies to keep you motivated, which you can share through social media, making the Marvel Piano a great choice for kids and young adults.

There is a free account option to try, but the subscription offers full access to the video lessons library, and the SASR challenge bonus is included in visual reading, an innovative way to track and evaluate your skills. reading over time.